Printed Music Datasets

Sheet music, whether printed or manuscript, has been the primary form in which music exists (at least before the development of recording). It is one of the most numerous and useful categories of data for statistical analysis. The datasets typically take one of the following forms:

  • institutional and composite library catalogues, either historical editions or current (generally online) catalogues;
  • sheet music catalogues, either for individual publishers, or composite catalogues of music publications (often for a particular genre, territory or period);
  • online sheet music repositories, containing images of actual publications, together with other information;

Sheet music retailers, either new or second-hand, are also worth investigating for rare and unusual items.

Portuguese Royal Library (1649)1Catalogue of 951 items of printed music and manuscripts, including about 3,000 works, held in the Portuguese Royal Library destroyed in the 1755 Lisbon earthquake. Available at Google Books
British Library Manuscripts Catalogue (1842 & 1906)2Manuscripts 239 in 1842, 2,500 by 1906. Available at
Library of Congress Music Catalogues (1908-14)31,000 newly acquired Operas, 5,000 Orchestral scores, 6,000 Librettos. Available at
RCM Catalogue (1909)410,000 items of printed music in the Royal College of Music library. Available at
Boston Library (1910)550,000 items of printed music in the A A Brown collection. Available at
British Library Music Catalogue (1912)630,000 items printed before 1800. Available at
Stationers Hall  (1640–1818)7Over 5,000 items registered with the London Company of Stationers.
Thompson & Thompson (1787)8800 items of music published by Thompson & Thompson. Available at Google Books
Hofmeister (1829–1900)9330,000 items of newly published music in the German market. Available online at Hofmeister XIX. See this article
Peters Library Catalogue (1894)105,000 works published by Peters, plus other books. Available at
Novello Orchestral (1904)11Orchestral scores: 5,012 works by 1,337 composers. Available at
Pazdírek (1904–10)12Listing of all printed music worldwide: around 750,000 works by perhaps 80,000 composers. 19 vols. Available at See this article
British Library Online CatalogueCatalogue of the British Library’s 1.5 million music items.


A CSV file of the entire music catalogue can be downloaded from this page.

Christ Church Library Music CatalogueMusic library of Christ Church, Oxford, including an important collection of early printed music.
CopacComposite catalogue of UK national, specialist and academic libraries.
DIAMMEuropean polyphonic manuscripts pre-1550 – over 14,000 images
Karlsruher Virtueller KatalogMeta-search engine for European libraries and book trade sites
Library of Congress Online CatalogueHoldings of the US Library of Congress – 5.6 million music items
RISMOver 1,000,000 items of printed music and manuscripts pre-1800. Also incipit search for many items.
WorldCatComposite catalogue of many large libraries – ‘2 billion items’, though excludes several large European national libraries.
Choral Public Domain LibraryScores of vocal and choral music – over 26,000 scores
IMSLPOver 400,000 music scores of more than 120,000 works by over 15,000 composers. Also includes some recordings, books on music, etc.
Sheet Music WarehouseOver 100,000 items of second-hand sheet music for sale, classified by genre, and with details of dates, condition, price, publisher, etc.
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