Eurovision Voting article published in Significance

I’m delighted to have an article “Eurovision Voting: a game of two halves” published in this month’s (April 2023) edition of Significance magazine.

The article was written following a request from the Merseyside local group of the Royal Statistical Society (RSS) to speak at their “A Stat for Europe: Statistics of the Eurovision Song Contest” event at the University of Liverpool on 26 April, just a couple of weeks before the city hosts this year’s Eurovision final on behalf of last year’s winner, Ukraine.

My talk on 26 April will cover some of the same ground as the Significance article, plus quite a bit of new analysis, with lots of pretty charts and maps. Click here for details of the event, which will also be available on Youtube. I will post a version of the talk here shortly after the event.

My two previous articles on Eurovision (both from 2021) are available here.

Cite this article as: Gustar, A.J. 'Eurovision Voting article published in Significance' in Statistics in Historical Musicology, 31st March 2023,

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