Concert Datasets

The datasets relating to concerts and musical life tend to be studies of specific cities or institutions, or modern concert listings, although few of the latter retain historical data.

Newspaper References (1600–1719)11,200 musical references in the London press. Includes concerts, publications, gossip
BBC Proms ArchiveDetails of all of the ‘Promenade’ concerts since 1895. 3,000+ concerts.
New York PhilharmonicDetails of all performances since 1842.  Full data can be downloaded in XML or JSON format.  There is also some interesting historical data on subscribers and their ticket purchases, downloadable as CSV files. See this article
Concert-DiaryConcerts in UK since 2000. 100,000+ concerts. Details submitted by concert promoters. See this article
Concert Programmes ProjectDatabase of European concert programme collections.
GerontiusDatabase of more than 17,000 choral concerts in the UK since 2000, as well as details of over 3,000 choirs, plus information on recordings etc.
OperabaseA database of over half a million opera performances worldwide since 2004. Full details of the 2012-2018 seasons can be downloaded in spreadsheet-readable form from the Harvard dataverse here.
Prague Concert DatabaseA survey of Prague concert life, 1850–1881. 6,000 records
Calendar of London Concerts 1750-1800Records of over 4,000 concerts in London in the second half of the eighteenth century. See this article
Music Festivals DatabaseDatabase of British Musical Festivals 1695-1940
The Pianist in ConcertPart of the Music Sack database, this is a digitised version of The Piano in Concert by George Kehler, published in 1982. Contains details of over 11,000 concerts, including time, place, pianist, works, with links to further details. [Spring 2022: the Music Sack seems to have been taken offline. This archived version unfortunately does not contain the useful data.]
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